1.5 Overview of the CLINCK Speed Manager

A product of Ideacts Innovations, the CLINCK Speed Manager is a standalone application useful for efficient cyber cafe management that includes the security, speed, and maintenance of your cafe’s computer terminals. The application has 24 easy-to-use features that change different settings of the computer to suit your needs such speed, protection, and smooth operation.

None of the 24 features of the CLINCK Speed Manager is mandatory, and you can select which features you want to use. Each feature can be enabled or disabled by simply clicking one button. However, once a feature is enabled, users cannot change it because the application is password protected.

The CLINCK Speed Manager is operational in more than 250 cities of India. It follows the security rules of the country’s law enforcement agencies, thus contributing to national security.

Cyber cafe owners can obtain the CLINCK Speed Manager free of cost. Being a single-PC application, it does not need a server to run. Further, it comes with the CLINCK Desktop, which is a navigational tool that provides an interactive desktop to your cafe’s customers for searching and accessing content.

In addition to a clean and easily accessible desktop, the CLINCK Desktop provides utilities such as the Google search bar; news; brand offers; quick links for internet sites such as Facebook; and content on topics such as cricket, movies, and education.

The benefits of installing the CLINCK Speed Manager on your cafe’s computer terminals:

Figure 1.1: CLINCK Speed Manager

Figure 1.2: CLINCK Desktop